"No other experience has been more life changing than iSSACHAR.  I experienced personal, professional, and spiritual growth.” - Paloma Gonzalez, Class of 2012

Our Mission

The iSSACHAR Apprenticeship Program prepares followers of Jesus from under-served and minority communities to be influential servant-leaders who leverage their resources for the good of the city’s vulnerable.



"As people of Issachar, we lead with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, bringing hands together to receive the life and community that God gives us."

Scott Lundeen, iSSACHAR Program Director

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Our City

For the first time, in 2007, more than half of the world’s population lived in cities. We live in an urbanizing world, which brings lots of opportunities - and lots of challenges - as diverse people share a daily urban system. So it is with our own city, Denver, whose rapidly development has brought disorienting change to neighborhoods, schools, jobs, and families. This is our context – iSSACHAR’s learning lab – the space where students explore their calling, develop their voice, and build roots in community.


Our History

The iSSACHAR Center for Urban Leadership was founded in 1999 by Mile High Ministries out of the the collaborative work local leaders and pastors. Since then, it has existed to equip student apprentices for urban Christian leadership through a rigorous program of academics, servant-leadership, and discipleship. We are not merely a group of individuals, but a people – a community of urban Christian leaders who connect for personal growth, inspiration, and practical work in the city.



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