Sacred Space


Located in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood, the iSSACHAR facility is more than just a building. Part village square, part classroom, part retreat center, and part home sweet home, it’s where the various components of the iSSACHAR experience come together. Comprised of six apartments for apprentices and staff, as well as a community room and retreat room, the facility hosts iSSACHAR training, family meals, and programs. In addition, local partners utilize the space more than 150 times per year.


For more information on facility use, contact Amy Nothwehr at loydamy@gmail.com.

A Sacred Space


36% of 18-29 year olds don't feel like they can ask their most important life questions in the church.

Source: Barna Group




"It is a place where I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and put me in different scenarios I would have never experienced otherwise."


Abel Amadou, iSSACHAR Alum



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