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Important Dates


November 14, 2017

Potential Applicant Info Night


January 11th, 2018/January 12th, 2018

Post-Application Info Nights


January 18th/19th, 2018

First Round Interviews


February 8th, 2018

Second Round Interviews


May 3rd, 2018

Graduation for 12th Class


August 11th, 2018

New Issachar Class Move-in Day


August 13th-17th, 2018

Boot-Camp Week for New Class



Our program


iNVEST in leadership

iSSACHAR apprentices attend college (most full time). In an effort to help students develop the life and study skills necessary for graduation and beyond, we provide tutoring, coaching, and tuition assistance of up to $6,000 for up to four years.


iNTEGRATE faith and identity

Each apprentice participates in weekly spiritual formation training with the goal of better understanding self and what it means to follow Jesus. Activities include Bible and book studies, spiritual inventory assessments, prayer and solo experiences, among others.


iNTERSECT the issues of our time

Apprentices study public leadership, community engagement, and urban issues during a weekly family meal and training. Local guests and partners regularly join in.


iMMERSE ourselves in community

All apprentices live for two years in a six-unit residential facility, learning to manage household responsibilities, pay rent, and share life with others. Students receive a monthly $1,100 stipend to assist with living expenses so that they can focus on the program study and service requirements.


iMPACT the world

Throughout their time in the program, apprentices apply their learning and further explore their leadership calling by serving with local organizations six to eight hours a week. In total, student responsibilities require approximately 60 hours a week.


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  • Join us on Thursday, January 11th for our 2018 Anniversary Celebration!
  • Apply today for our fall 2018 apprenticeship class
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